Skott very quickly carved an intriguingly unique aesthetic for herself after her debut single "Porcelain." Every new offering thereafter saw Skott exploring an unconventional pop sound, shrouded in a mysterious dark aura. And, with each new song, the young singer/songwriter proved that "Porcelain" was no fluke. Following last month's "Amelia," Skott is back with yet another new song.

On "Lack of Emotion," Skott does the opposite of what the song's title suggest, favoring a more playful sound than its predecessors. With hushed vocals, fun whistles, and a beat perfect for clapping along, it's one of those songs that will burrow itself deep into your head. 

"Some people seem to have this off switch, where they can shut off their emotions when things become difficult," Skott told P&P via email. "The song is about this shell people create—I've got this fascination and fear of it because I feel like I'm the complete opposite when it comes to emotions, I can't deny how I feel. It's a bit of a melancholic disco."

Listen to Skott's "Lack of Emotion" below.