We introduced you to Brooklyn-based producer and visual artist Lil Jabba when he dropped his excellent Keep EP last year, and now he's back with an album, Grotto. Just as with his previous releases, Jabba explores and incorporates a variety of different dance and electronic music styles on his album, sometimes all on one intense track.

"Ombre," however, is different. "A lot of my work is quite maximal so I often think that maybe it’d be too difficult for a vocalist to hop on," Jabba explains. "I made 'Ombre' with this in mind, and made sure to keep it to a strong melody and as simple as possible. It’s very hard for me to not go crazy overboard on something so 'Ombre' was somewhat of a zen experiment in comparison to what I’m normally going for." 

Lil Jabba's album is inspired by his surroundings, namely his studio, which he calls The Grotto. "It’s a swampy place," he says. "Most of the tracks on the album contain sounds I’ve collected walking around the city block sized building my studio is in. Little cavey clangs and drips are easy to find and the acoustics are bizarre. If you explore this place you find some nice dungeons too. Some places are just too dark to go, others require a little finessing to get into but that’s part of the fun. This building has been my whole life for the past few years, it’s where I paint and make music and often sleep. I just love my grotto, it’s a whole world in here."

Grotto is out October 31, with a vinyl/hoodie bundle to follow at the end of November which you can pre-order here​. Listen to "Ombre" below.

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