HELLA's Lewis Grant returned last week with his best song yet, "Lucid." Exploring the concept of lucid dreaming on a deeper level, the Hnrk and Dylan Brady-produced "Lucid" is an imaginative depiction of how we perceive the passing of time while asleep. The mind loves to wander, and in the video for "Lucid," Lewis Grant nails just how that aimless exploration of oneself while asleep can really feel.

Thinking back on dreams, it's hard to really describe everything that happens. Remembering fleeting glimpses, it can be no more than a series of images upon waking up. In the first half of the self-directed video for "Lucid," Lewis Grant recreates this distinct fractured memory feeling before focusing on where dreams get truly interesting. Waking up in what appears to be a room with a copy of A Light in the Attic, things get really inventive when the camera pulls out.

After starting relatively bright and cheerful, the ending could come to some as a shock. The dark ending, however, works because it plays up to the idea that dreams are unpredictable. What can start as a brilliant dream can sometimes end as the worst nightmare, and that's exactly what the video for "Lucid" depicts so well.

Watch the premiere of the "Lucid" video above.