Brockhampton member Kevin Abstract took to Twitter to announce the release date for his upcoming album American Boyfriend. The highly anticipated follow-up to MTV1987 is set to drop on November 18th.

Abstract initially built a buzz surrounding the album while he was on a European tour with rock band The Neighbourhood in March. The final show of the tour, which aired on Periscope, teased his upcoming project. The album was originally set to be called They Shoot Horses, but the title was later changed to American Boyfriend. In an interview this past May, he described his new album to us as "more accessible and more diverse." He cites Michael Uzowuru, who recently collaborated with Frank Ocean on his album Blonde, as the executive producer. 

The first single from the album, a captivating track called "Echo," was released in November 2015 to much acclaim. The second single, "Empty," was released in September with a striking accompanying video and earned similar praise. The two singles mark a significant departure from his work on MTV1987, as they are sleeker in their production and less rap-oriented. “I’m trying to sing a lot more on this new album,” he explained during his interview. “I wanna make sure that if I rap, that the rapping is necessary. I didn’t want to force anything."

Read his announcement below.


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