Over the summer, Boston-based artist Johan shared his eerily addicting single "High in the Woods." Months later, as he prepares to make his live debut at ComplexCon next month, Johan puts his musical range on display with his newest single "Bravery." For this new track, Johan slows the tempo down significantly from his last release. On "Bravery," Johan sings about the strength it takes to make a relationship work, even when you're not sure it will. "Sometimes you don't know that things will work out perfectly, but you gotta show some bravery in trusting that somehow it will."

Johan co-wrote this new single alongside How To Dress Well, aka Tom Krell. John explains how they first met each other:

"I met Tom (How to Dress Well) when I was working on another song with Robin Hannibal (Rhye producer). Robin had never met him either randomly but just invited him over while we were working on my stuff. It was definitely a trip to be at robin's house working with both those guys on my project. Since then I've worked with Tom again on this one. It was cool cuz he had just come off finishing his album, so he was in a very open place creatively. A lot of my favorite moments in the vocal part here were directly his idea."

Listen to "Bravery" below. 

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