Earlier this year, Tom DeLonge explained in an interview that he had quit Blink 182 to focus on the threat of UFOs. The answer seemed like an odd response for fans to accept, although he has expressed interest in aliens and other extraterrestrial things in the past. However, it seems this tale only gets stranger.

While people continue to fuss about the thousands of emails Hillary Clinton deleted, some other emails begin to leak online to reveal interesting details. One would expect the emails of a politician to be filled with a lot of top secret and high profile information about legislation and a list of other important things, but emails about UFOs are probably at the bottom of the list of guesses. 

According to The Wall Street JournalJohn Podesta—the chairman of Clinton's presidential campaign—had received several emails in the past from DeLonge regarding his curiosity about UFOs, aliens, and such. However, this wasn't just a strange reach from DeLonge. Podesta apparently shares a mutual interest in extraterrestrial begins as well, making him the perfect person for DeLonge to contact in order to find out if the government is in fact hiding information about the topic.

The newly released information from these leaked emails doesn't reveal whether or not Podesta ever responded to DeLonge regarding the topic, but one of the leaks via Wikileaks does show that Podesta extended an invitation to DeLonge for them to meet up. Perhaps he had thought their conversations would be safer to have in person? He would've been right about that, considering the current events. 

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