In the first conversation upon meeting one another, Frank Leone asked me, “If you close your eyes and picture a giant mountain in front of you, do you feel empowered or terrified?”

It’s this type of bigger-than-yourself philosophizing that sets the tone for his musical approach. Leone tackles larger-picture themes in his music, masterfully composing bits of cowbell clinks, exhaling synths and choral harmonies into allusive soundscapes.

“Cocaine for Kids” is no different. The singer-rapper-producer, hailing from “a lowly village a hike south of Chicago,” tapped Monster Mike, whose dark vocals are reminiscent of a more approachable Tyler, the Creator. Leone let us in on the grander meaning behind the single.

“Two years ago, Lucki asked me for beats to go on BodyHigh, and this was the first I sent. Luckily, it didn't end up on the project, because two years and 350 hours of work later it became my own song. "Cocaine for Kids" is a love story told by Monster Mike and I from two sides of the stuff, and combines damn near every influence I've let touch what I do.”

Listen to "Cocaine for Kids" below.