At the Sundance NEXT Festival this summer, Flying Lotus premiered a short film called Royal, and now he's working on expanding it into a feature film titled Kuso (all thanks to a Thom Yorke GIF, by the way). He also recently revealed that he has some lofty and bizarre aspirations for casting and plot, tweeting, "Anyone wanna watch @elijahwood be chased around by dreadlocked titty monsters with uncircumcised butts ? Pls RT #kuso #spoilers."

We're not really sure what that means, but he needs some teamwork to make the dream work, as he also tweeted, "I also need a special fx genius to get involved. I'm filming a mutant bukkake esque scene. #kuso." He also said that a lot of new music has been recorded for the film, and provided a couple taglines: "Kuso// the movie you watch with that special someone you prefer in the friend zone," and "Kuso/// The movie that scared Dave chappelle's manager."

Flying Lotus also recently started a production company called Brainfeeder Films "with the intention to produce and support influential and experimental entertainment for film and music fans around the world."

Check out a preview of Royal here.