In 2014, a mysterious trio called Dessert appeared with the genre-mashing "Lovelink" and the riotous "Player." We then didn't hear from them for nearly two years, before they returned with "Devil," which, along with new song "Back Around," soundtracked an intense, shocking double music video that came out earlier this month.

Happily, we've already got new music from Dessert in the form of "Cookie," a gently mesmerizing song that even incorporates that most underrated of instruments, the xylophone. Dessert have explored a different sound on every song so far, and we're certainly intrigued to hear what's next. 

Listen to "Cookie" below or hear it on Dessert's strange new website here.

Dessert says:

So we had this idea to make a website with a gecko getting cooked on a spit with some pineapples like you know a kabob or whatever. But then Jack's gecko died in real life so we changed it. We wanted to send it to deep space but it's gonna cost us around 12 thousand dollars. It's been troublesome for our bands dynamic struggling with exploitation and being insensitive toward the gecko who was a great friend to all of us and in the room when all this music was made. It's really been rough between us since the death. We are sending him to space. It's been a rough week. We love all our fans! And like don't want them to think this is some prank. It's life.