Brooklyn has always been a breeding ground for pure talent. In the past few years there certainly hasn't been a shortage of new artists coming from the famous borough, but there are a few in particular that listeners need to be keeping an eye on—the Sleepercamp collective. 

The Sleepercamp collective—made up of Jimi Tents, Jay Bel, and Sed—has spent the last year and a half working to properly introduce their talents individually to the public. As they currently prepare for the release of a joint mixtape and a show in their hometown, the trio have started what they're calling #Slprcampsundays to lead up to these events. 

Last Sunday, Jimi Tents kicked off the series with his latest single "400." This weekend, the spotlight is on Sed as he shares his track "Red Shirt." The self-produced single focuses on Sed doing his best to charm a girl he's just met before it turns into the all too familiar "missed connections" scenario. "I was just hanging out with the camp and saw this girl who was sublime and caught my eye and we start to talk," Sed explains. "That's where the song picks up." With his suave delivery layered over mesmerizing production, it feels safe to assume that Sed can not only win the attention of this girl but some new listeners too.

Listen to "Red Shirt" below.