Towards the end of the summer, it had been revealed that Bobby Shmurda would be taking a plea deal that would allow him to serve only seven years—including the two years he's already served.  At the time of the news, both Shmurda and fellow GS9 member Rowdy Rebel spoke to Complex about receiving what seems to be the positive news the duo has heard within the last two years.

Though Shmurda spoke on the plea deal about a month ago, today the Brooklyn rapper officially received his seven year sentence. The rapper reportedly looked quite upset in court today, and made those feelings known to the room. According to Billboard, Shmurda told the court that he was forced to take the sentence. "I did not want to take this sentence," Shmurda told the court. "I was forced by my attorney to take this plea."

Shmurda continued saying, "They lied to me"—presumably referring to his lawyer and his team. Shmurda's lawyer, Alex Spiro, reportedly asked for a delay on the rapper's official sentencing since the prison had no available date for him to schedule an interview beforehand. Shmurda's mother referred to today's outcome as "heartbreaking" and  "disappointing" but did not seem surprised as she stated, "You don't have any rights in that courtroom."

With two years of his seven year sentenced already served, Bobby Shmurda is expected to be released in 2021.

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