While last night's game between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians was a disappointment to Cubs fans, their spirits received a momentary lift at the bottom of the seventh inning when Bill Murray grabbed the mic.

In his own personal pep-talk, he told the crowd, “It’s the bottom of the seventh inning—the last chance to order beer—but we didn’t come here to drink beer, we came here to win this ball game.”

Murray then went on to serenade the crowd with his own rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame." He didn't think his own voice could do justice to the song, so he sang in the style of one of "America's greatest entertainers," Daffy Duck. "I want you to spray it, not say it," he screamed to the packed stadium.

Murray is a die-hard Cubs fan. He recently showed his support for the Cubs by showing up to the White House press room wearing a Cubs fleece and cap, and proceeding to talk about baseball. Noted White Sox fan President Obama said of the incident, “I don’t usually allow that to happen… Most people come with a shirt and tie. It was Bill Murray, so I get no tie, but don’t rub it in with a Cubs jersey on.”

Watch Murray's seventh inning stretch performance above.