Whether you're dressing up, getting drunk, conjuring the dead, sitting alone in a dark room, or all of the above, we've got you covered this Hallows' Eve with a dungeonload of the Best New Mixes Streaming Right Now.

And like Michael Myers or our man Freddie Krueger, you can't miss the selection of deep cuts on monster mixes from Midland, Prince Paul, Damian Lazarus, plus of course this year's addition to RL Grime's longstanding Halloween mix series.

Don't attempt to hide from these and the other devilish delights we have in store.

RL Grime: Halloween V

"Presenting the 5th annual Halloween mix. Thanks to Pharrell for the intro and RL Stine for the drop. Happy Halloween :)"

Suffice to say that RL Grime (real name Henry Steinway) has come a long way since his first contribution to the series, but thankfully he hasn't strayed too far from the formula that's found him success—spooky sounds, face-melting bass, and rap bangers.

Prince Paul: Needle Exchange Mix #202 via Self-Titled Magazine

Coming in hot with a classic hip-hop set, the producer and DJ known as Prince Paul put together the following for Self-Titled Magazine. Enjoy the half an hour of power from the man that also brough you Handsome Boy Modeling School, and the comedy sketches on Three Feet High And Rising.

Bonus halloween trivia: Prince Paul was born in Amityville, New York.

Onoe Caponoe: Radio Juicy S02E40

If Poltergeist had a radio instead of a television possessed by evil spirits and took place in Croydon instead of California, the following mix from Onoe Caponoe might be what you'd hear.

Perfect listening for lurkers and those that revel in hip-hop's weird side.

M.A.N.D.Y.: Mix for Decoded Magazine

When asked to create a mix of music that influenced them during their formative years, the renowned German duo known as M.A.N.D.Y. put the following together; a total shift from their regular sets, but in the best possible way.

"Like for every artist, your influences change over the years, but you are most emotionally attached to the artists you listened to when you were a teenager as it’s linked to many of your first experiences. So they stick in your memory like a well-known smell as a child. For us, it was lots of different music. We were always intrigued by guys like Bowie, Gary Numan, Chet Baker, Grace Jones, Elvis, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Peter Murphy, Syd Barrett… you had this incredible dedication and you always wanted a piece of them and to be like them, act like them, and live the life they lived. Lots of them didn’t make it, 'cause this kind of dedication and losing yourself has a downside. But up to this day, it’s inspiring to see what they achieved and how much they put into their art."

Dino Soccio: Berlin Boombox Mixtape #35

Make sure your dancing shoes are securely fastened for this dynamite disco mix from Los Angeles' Dino Soccio, the resident DJ for Pleasure of Love at Dirty Laundry in Hollywood.

An all-vinyl affair for Berlin Boombox, this mix wouldn't feel out of place being played at any party over the last thirty years with "classics and a few lesser known jams I've been digging" included.

Done deal!

Midland: Live at Macarena In Residence for Resident Advisor

Clocking in at just under six hours, the recording of Midland's set for RA's In Residence series at the Macarena club in Barcelona is easily the longest listen on this list. And if you enjoy listening to lots and lots of weird music you've most likely never heard before, this mix should bring you some joy!

Also a good mix to have to hand if the DJ you've booked for the Halloween party is having trouble finding your place and four Elevens have already shown up.

Phra: Live From My Studio

Phra—DJ, producer, and half of Crookers—recently put together a mix in his studio, streamed it, and has since shared it on Soundcloud thanks to the persuasiveness of one audience member.

"Some weirdo asked me to post the FB Live on Soundcloud, and today I woke up in a really good mood...here you go!"

Mina: Hyponik Mix #276

Are you ready for the riddims, though?

Mina's mix for the folk at Hyponik straddles the line between pop and dancehall, and made us sweat on first listen, largely thanks to some tidy little edits put together by the lady herself.


Damian Lazarus: Lazpod 31

Damian Lazarus proves himself as one of the more versatile DJs featured this time round, with a new mix that rolls through different genres like they don't exist.

Don't be surprised to hear Middle Eastern music, minimal house, and Mary J Blige suddenly making sense when played in sequence.

Patten: SUMMERNEVERENDS/Mix for Oki-Ni

Somewhere between listening to music on someone's phone as you catch the sun in a field during the summer and finally escaping into the club from the cold winter night is the inspiration for this mix from Warp signee Patten.

“The sudden switch from August summer peak to September autumn arrival always feels like an unrealistic jump cut from a badly edited movie. In one instant we trade shades and tees for umbrellas and coats. It’s like a once-yearly yearly continuity error. Music is crazy in the way that anything is possible. Splice sound, fracture it, completely deform it into something new."