2016 has gifted us with a welcome number of guest features from André 3000. It has yet to result in any new solo material, but André hasn't disappointed with his verses. He's one of the most gifted poets of our time, and one of its nimblest rappers, too. Of course, his work with Big Boi in Outkast is well-loved and widely appreciated, and while we still hope that they get together and make new music, solo André 3000 has an incredible catalog of guest features.

This list does not include any tracks André 3000 appeared on as part of Outkast (so no "Int'l Players Anthem," which surely has one of the best opening verses ever), but it still could have been much longer (apologies to Beyoncé's "Party," Jay Z's "30 Something" remix, and the others that didn't make the cut).

These are the 10 best André 3000 guest verses. Let us know what your favorites are.

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