For many, the iPhone 7 reveal was a disappointment, with the new, awkward-looking wireless AirPods at the core of the issue. Not only are these small earphones highly susceptible to being easily lost, they're sold separately from the phone itself, which means that losing a pair could cost one an additional $159. 

Thankfully, one micro 3D-printer company has come up with a solution, specifically for those with pierced ears: AirPod-catching earrings. As Digital Trends reportsM3D has shared the files needed to 3D-print out your own "Twisty Earbud Catchers" on Thingiverse.

"We were in our office, joking about what would happen if someone got one of these hooked into their large hoop earrings," Rob Marietta of M3D told Digital Trends. "After a while someone said, ‘Well, maybe we should aim for that.’ Based on that comment, we started working on this, with the idea that it could be the perfect stocking stuffer for someone to give an iPhone fan this Christmas."

Colors for the earrings are completely customizable in the event that baby blue doesn't fit your aesthetic. Download the files to print your own pair of AirPod-catching earrings at Thingiverse here.

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