Jeak Rivers wants you to know that he smokes weed because he's expected to smoke weed, not because he actually likes it. While sobriety might seem an unlikely topic for a compelling rap song, it proves amusing, fertile territory on "Kryptonite."

"I'm a sophomore in college and just got my own apartment so I have the newfound freedom to smoke weed 24/7," he says via email. "One day, I was just like 'yo...why the fuck am I doing this?. Does sobriety scare me so much that I'm willing to spend hundreds of dollars a month just to get high? At the end of the day, it's not really worth it and while I am aware of this, I continue to do it with my friends because it's a social norm. The song was mainly meant to show my hypocrisy and to see if any of my listeners also had the same way of thinking."

In the abstract, a song about sobriety and peer pressure doesn't exactly sound scintillating—especially for those of us who've listened to so much Future we practically feel like our blood is made of Actavis. In practice, Rivers pulls it off with admirable style and humor, shedding entirely logical light on the pitfalls of pot overindulgence while finding ready entertainment in the fact that knowing something might be bad for you certainly doesn't mean you'll stop doing it. 

"Also, just in case you were wondering, I haven't stopped smoking weed," Rivers adds. "In fact, I smoked immediately after I recorded the song. However, that's only because it was free and like...who turns down free weed?" 

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