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After catching our attention earlier this year, Florida-native Twelve'Len has continued to impress. Now he's delivering his debut album, and it's just as fantastic as one would hope. Featuring a number of previously released tracks such as "Star Dust" and "Jack & Ginger," Fri(end)s finds Twelve'Len showcases exactly what he's capable of. Blending genre norms until lines cease to exist, Twelve'Len proves that he's more than worthy of paying close attention to.

Featuring a number of other artists, including Sand Kastles, Savannah Cristina, and P&P favorite J.K. The ReaperFri(end)s is somewhat of an odyssey with how quickly it moves through sounds and tones. Thoroughly pleasant from start to finish, Twelve'Len holds his own against the onslaught of other fantastic releases today. An ambitious listen that doesn't spend too much time in one spot, Fri(end)s features a lot of gorgeous moments and well thought out songwriting across all twelve tracks, 

Listen to the impressive debut album below.

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