ScHoolboy Q got ambitious with his music videos for Blank Face, releasing a number of striking visuals that tied together to form a compelling narrative. He followed it all up with the release of the stunning "JoHn Muir" video, which told a story from the perspective of a car with some really remarkable imagery. His latest video, for the Miguel and Justine Skye-featuring "Overtime," isn't quite as inventive as his previous Blank Face videos, but it does offer another reason to revisit Q's best album yet.

Featuring all three artists in a number of vibrant locations, the video is far removed from the dark subject matter of his previous Blank Face music videos. Taking a lighter tone, it's a nice way for Q to finish off his promotional run for the album. It's always fun to see Q goofing around, too, falling asleep on a butt or two in the process.