Connecticut rapper Lonny X released his brief but enjoyable Not Just Anybody EP just last month, but he's already back with new material. Pushing forward and going for somewhat of a different tone, Lonny's latest track is considerably more hard-hitting but just as hypnotic as anything found on the Not Just Anybody EP. Featuring production from the always reliable Blank Body and rising SoundCloud favorite Blvc Svnd, "Now You Know" is one of Lonny's most unique tracks yet.

Coming in atop the simple but mesmerizing production, Lonny makes the beat his own. It's not the most technically complex of songs but it more than makes up for that through its impact, refusing to let up as soon as those signature thuds from Blvc Svnd start rolling in. There's something about Blank Body and Blvc Svnd's production that really gets rappers to bring out their best, and "Now You Know" is no exception to that.

Listen to the premiere of "Now You Know" below.