Fresh off the heels of this summer’s Water White mixtape, New York rapper and producer Justin Rose is ready to release even more music. Today he returns with a brand new single titled "Livin’ Right Now" featuring Brooklyn rapper Jimi Tents.

For his new single, Rose reflects on his journey so far. "Thinking about where you at right now is always good because it shows how far you've came and how far you gotta go," he explains. "'Livin' Right Now' is about living in the moment, being cool with who you are in that moment, and pushing forward to the next level regardless of what the haters say." 

The lighthearted production provided by TGUT adds to the nostalgia of the track and creates a peaceful tone that will encourage listeners to just take a few moments to appreciate the present, instead of stressing about past or future events.

Listen to "Livin' Right Now" below.

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