22-year-old Guyanese singer Juke Ross has the sort of voice that colors every note with the debris of experience—the tone and measured style of an old soul. That rough hewn truth in Ross' performance extends to his self-taught guitar playing and stripped back approach, elements that place his evocative singing front and center on debut single "Colour Me." 

"‘Colour Me’" was written in the summer of 2015," Ross says. "It's a love song. It's also about heartbreak, but more than that it’s about the lasting impression someone made and how they brought me life."

Ross' voice captures the juxtaposition of love and loss better than words alone could. It's as easy to imagine "Colour Me" being sung by a acoustic guitar-wielding Ross in a hushed room with the lights low as it is to envision him on a stage in front of thousands of people, singing as the sun goes down. 

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