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FLACO is on fire. After getting us hooked on the addictive "New Things," the Indiana rapper dropped his impressive mixtape GUNSFORGIRLS.  He followed that with the hypnotic "LEAGUE SHIT," and now he's back again with "QUICK." 

The Flame Alkahest-produced track is jarring, and once again FLACO glides over the beat. I mean, what better way to explain you're an extraordinary gentleman and rep Indiana in the same bar than, "Sean Connery bitch I rep the league / Startin' for my team bitch I'm Jeffrey Teague."  It’s too easy to run this song back, and the Tyler Hoyt-directed video includes lyrics so you and your friends can have a Friday night FLACO sing-along. The video also ends with #SLEEPINGINJEANS, which could allude to his next project. Keep an eye out for more FLACO and check out "QUICK" above.

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