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Denzel Curry has been unstoppable since the release of his sophomore album, Imperial. In addition to headlining his first U.S. tour, Curry was also named as one of XXL's 2016 Freshmen Class, which came as a surprise to no one—the 21-year-old Floridian can rap.

For the first installment of 88 Rising's new segment Good Fortunes, Curry dropped by to discuss the process behind Imperial, how the Keith Ape collaborations came to life, and his love for Dragon Ball Z. 

"After 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms came out and the feedback I got for that, I was in a spiral in the time—being a rap star [...] people just turning on me," Curry described of the genesis of Imperial. "The whole tape was my pure feelings, how I was feeling that time. I just wanted to get straight to the point.

"I just took where I was from, and my feelings and composed it into my project and it worked out for the better because I was really going through a tough time. There's only two things I could do at that time: it was either destroy or create. And I chose to create."

To round out the video segment, Denzel Curry shares a furious freestyle over Rich Chigga's "Dat $tick" and a performance of "This Life" from Imperial. If his "5 Fingers of Death" freestyle didn't convince you of his talent, then this will definitely turn you into a fan.

Watch Denzel Curry on 88 Rising's Good Fortunes

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