Not too long ago now, DJ Shadow revealed in a chat with Clams Casino that he had a remix album on the way. It wasn't just any old remix album, however, as it was a remixed version of his landmark debut album, Endtroducing..., which will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in November. It's definitely an appropriate time to revisit the album with some younger talent, and Shadow has sure picked some fantastic talent to remix the album.

Now we finally have our first taste of the forthcoming remix album, with Clams Casino's take on "Stem Long Stem." It's quite far removed from the original, as to be expected when it comes to a Clams Casino rework, but it retains its same creepy atmosphere. Clams Casino and vintage DJ Shadow is a brilliant pairing, leaving us excited for whatever else Shadow has in store for us with the remix album.

Listen to Clams Casino's remix of "Stem Long Stem" below.

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