Chance The Rapper is currently busy touring from city to city for his on-going Magnificent Coloring World Tour. Before his recent show in Los Angeles, Chance stopped by Power 106's The Cruz Show to discuss his career, tour, staying independent, being a new dad, and many other things in between.

After explaining some recent big moments for him, like joining Puff Daddy on stage and being turned into a meme thanks to Beyoncé, and the incredible "No Problems" performance on Ellen alongside 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne, Chance spoke some big plans for the future. Chance has a growing relationship with his idol Kanye West, and got the big opportunity to work with him on both The Life of Pablo and Coloring Book. However, there's more in store.

Dedicated Kanye West fans are very familiar with the strong theme that he set for his first few albums. His beloved bear mascot first becomes a College Dropout, then goes back to school in time for Late Registration, finally making it to Graduation. In his older explanations, Kanye often explained the next step was for him to get a Good Ass Job, but that album never came into fruition and the college bear mascot days simply came to an end. During his interview, Chance explained that he could never get that idea out of his head.

Chance revealed that he and Kanye are planning to work on Good Ass Job together, although he did admit that the project is far from being done. Which is understandable, considering they are both currently on tour. "We definitely have at least two songs I know would be on Good Ass Job," Chance said. "But to be back in the bunker and be at the spot, and have that time to just sit and make stuff every day is my dream."

Staying on the Kanye topic, Chance also went on to speak about how incredible the Saint Pablo Tour is but he had a few critiques. "If Ye is listening right now, it's amazing but you gotta turn the volume down a little in that bitch though." Chance went on to explain that overall it was a crazy experience but, "Literally, my stomach felt like I had internal bleeding because of how much it was shaking and how loud it was."

Watch the full interview above.

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