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It's become increasingly apparent over the past few years that location now has very little impact on getting your music heard. Artists from all over the world are gaining listeners thanks to curious ears, internet cosigns, and related tracks playlists. Korea, Sweden, Japan, and even Iceland have all experienced a hip-hop boom recently, with artists putting their own spin on what's becoming a universal language—rap.

Enter Busu, who—alongside his group Europagang—is putting a distinctively Swedish spin on hip-hop. His songs are often colorful, crisp, and uniquely European. Unlike fellow Swede Yung Lean—who was initially influenced by sad, hazy, Southern rap—Busu's output sounds rich and uplifting. With his latest track, "116 RIP," Busu has found the perfect spot with his music, balancing his distinct approach with accessibility in a way that promises an exciting forthcoming debut album.

Produced by Haydn, "116 RIP" is an infectious showcase of Busu's talents. As boundaries crumble and technology advances, Busu is striking at the perfect time.