Baltimore singer Brent Faiyaz moved to Los Angeles as many aspiring artists do, seeking recognition for his talent and a life in music. While he's still finding public footing, he's grown tremendously from his experiences.

"I wouldn't be where I am as a person if it wasn't for the city and the people I met," says Faiyaz. "There's a lot of poverty. I had never seen so many homeless people in my life. At that same time I had never seen so many mansions and foreign cars. Full of contradictions, but beautiful. It made me question my purpose."

A.M. Paradox arrives result of so much searching and personal evolution—a pointed, polished continuation of the hushed, sultry explorations of love and lust that first put Faiyaz onto our radar (in particularly, introductory single "Allure"). A.M. Paradox takes root in Faiyaz's mission for honest expression.

"I can't really pinpoint exactly where I pull from musically," says Faiyaz. "I can go from Sinatra to The Verve, to Marvin to Kodak Black. It's whatever. I just think authenticity is key. Honest music. Shit that can have you like, 'I know he's not lying because I just know. He says it like he means it.' Music that pulls from real life experience & interaction. You can't replace that."

The EP's centerpiece, "Invite Me," makes the most of Faiyaz's gifts as a vocalist, writer, and modern R&B stylist. Focused structure and rich, mutating composition position "Invite Me" as the clear crux of Faiyaz's artistic development, emotionally naked and raw in the way that made "Allure" so appealing, while showcasing the skill and vision gained from lived experience and new collaborators.

Stream A.M. Paradox below.

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