Blank Body really made an impression last year with his phenomenal debut album, EXPLICIT DELUXE. With his intergalactic thuds, gorgeous use of melodies, and distinct use of bass, EXPLICIT DELUXE didn't waste any time when it came to displaying his potential as a producer. With his memorable work with on Night Lovell's impressive Red Teenage Melody not too far in the rear-view, it's incredibly exciting to see that Blank Body is already back with with over thirty minutes of new material.

With zero vocals and that identifiably Blank Body sound, Easy Prey hits just as hard as its predecessor. From the moment the opening track begins, it's clear that very few producers are on the same level as Blank Body. Tracks like "Solar Sister" and "Babyykiss" add some variety to the proceedings, but there's still no mistaking Easy Prey for anyone but Blank Body. 

Listen to the album in full below, and purchase it via iTunes here.