British singer Alxndr London is currently preparing himself for the release of his debut EP A Long Time Ago. With his forthcoming EP due out in October, London began the rollout process last month with the release of the project’s first single “XXX.” A few weeks later, he now returns to follow things up with an even smoother second single titled “Shuffle.”

London’s latest release, “Shuffle” comes together like a melting pot of seamlessly blended influences. The production opens up softly, mixing live instrumentation with a few elements that sound both futuristic and extraterrestrial, as London’s voice takes control—building up just as steadily as the rhythm.

In his own words, London explains that “Shuffle” is about remaining in control when your racing thoughts try to get the best of you. “‘Shuffle’ tells the story of thoughts breaking out of brain cells; zigging and zagging at like two thousand and twenty three miles per hour in search of answers,” London explains. “Simply put, I choose freedom over fear X.”

Listen to “Shuffle” below.