I have no idea if New York-based rapper K$ace knows his hip-hop history and, for the purpose of enjoying his gleeful single "I Might," I couldn't really care less.

He might know every Big Daddy Kane lyric, he might not know Big Daddy Kane exists.

He might know that hip-hop's roots sprouted from 1520 Sedgwick Ave., he might not.

He might be an encyclopedic historian, and, you guessed it, he also might not.

The conversation about whether or not young rappers should know their history is sort of a silly one: We should all know our history, and none of us have that much of an excuse since the breadth and context of recorded music is at our fingertips at any given moment thanks to Spotify, Apple Music, Wikipedia, AllMusic.com, and Discogs.com. That said, knowing your history isn't a prerequisite for being able to make great, enjoyable rap music—in the same way that being a remarkable technical rapper isn't a requirement for being a memorable, complete artist.

(For the record, I could have easily reached out to K$ace to clarify his understanding of hip-hop's history, but that's not really the point either—unless the point is to simply create more divisive headlines about new vs. old school)

There are purists that will probably hate K$ace's "I Might," lumping it in with the exuberant, playful, and often decidedly non-technical music of artists like Lil Yachty, Nessly, and D.R.A.M. Those purists should probably be reminded that before there was boom bap, there were dudes dressed as cowboys, aliens, and ancient Egyptians rocking parties of teens who just wanted an escape from the world, but that's neither here nor there. "I Might" is pure fun and joy, a silly, catchy two and a half minutes about spending money, getting fucked up, smoking cigarettes in Ubers, and...that's about it. It's not particularly complex in its subject matter; it's purely enjoyable music meant to be blasted in bars and clubs, at BBQ's, in Ubers, and anywhere someone might want to run up a check, no matter the size of that check. 

Chill out. Turn on "I Might." Have a good time. It's Saturday.