Update: It appears this is the work of comedian-turned-rapper Mighty Mike (aka Funny Ass Mike), who explains: "I just felt like jacking him. 22 Savage. I’m really a savage out here. I’m really in the slums. I’m in the trenches."

It's becoming a rite of passage. If you get enough buzz going as a rapper in 2016, a look-alike who sounds, dresses, and acts just like you might pop up on some distant corner of the internet.

It happened to Young Thug with Kyng back in March, and now 21 Savage has his own sound-alike: 22 Savage. Bearing a striking resemblance to the popular Atlanta rapper, 22 Savage could be confused for a twin brother—and his SoundCloud page has five songs with the same hypnotic flow as 21. The most popular track, "Jumpin," already has over 200,000 plays.

While he defiantly shouts "this ain't 21 bitch, this 22," on "Jumpin," 22 is clearly not avoiding comparisons as he prepares to release his first mixtape. Any guesses on the name? Savage Mode. Of course. It's only a matter of time until he really commits and gets that knife tattoo, right? The artwork for "No Heart" (knife included) might be a peek at the future.

Listen to a teaser of Savage Mode and see more clips of 22 in action below.

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