Not too long ago, GQ debuted a brand new YouTube series titled Vince Staples Reviews Every Fucking Thing, with Vince Staples taking on Olympians and often overlooked Olympic sports. Now they've premiered the second episode in the ongoing series, and it's just as funny as the previous installment. Looking at the brand new emojis included in the latest iOS update, Vince seems to have mixed feelings regarding the additions.

He's not fond of the watergun, stressing, "Waterguns shouldn't look like that anymore. We need to advance our technology, it's pathetic." He seems pretty positive about a bunch of the other additions, though, with the "lady construction worker" being a favorite of his. He also added a story and background to one of the emojis, and it's a pretty sad if not funny story to say the least.

Watch the amusing video above.

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