At only 18, Wisconsin artist Trapo carries an impressive, effortlessly tailored vocal cadence that extends that beyond his years. Showcased on his last project, SHE, it’s rich and all-consuming—reminiscent of Goldlink’s thick refrains—and elevated by breezy percussion and consistently laid-back tones.

Four months after SHE’s release, we see an enhanced version of Trapo on “Beg”. With its indulgent melodies and an unhurried verse from NYC rapper Skizzy Mars, the two have crafted a charming soundtrack to the winding-down summer.

“Beg” is the first single from Trapo’s forthcoming album Shade Trees, coming next month. “I already feel like it’s 10 times better than my last project,” he told us. “I really try myself on this, and I’m hitting different notes that I didn’t think I could hit.”

“I want my music to be able to speak to people. I’m not making it to drop tapes and get this fan base. We don’t need a lot of the music that’s out right now—we need music that’s going to help or benefit people. That’s what I’m here for.”