Nardwuar and Eric André are both masters of their craft when it comes to interviewing their subjects, but they both take considerably different approaches. That's why an interview between them, which starts as Nardwuar interviewing André, but frequently sees Nardwuar being interviewed by André, is such an essential watch. André is frequently taken aback by the things Nardwuar knows, calling him a "good researcher."

No matter how much he tries, and he really does try, Eric André can't quite break Nardwuar. He's finally met his match, in a weird way. The gifts that Nardwuar gives to André include a number of GG Allin-themed gifts, a punk musician who was known for his ridiculous and often shocking live performances which would feature various bodily fluids. André, despite being fascinated by his work and persona, admitted that Allin was a horrible person who wanted to "legalize rape and murder."

Watch the entertaining interview above.