This weekend Frank Ocean opened four pop-up shops in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London. As eager fans began to act quickly to get their hands on a free copies of his Boys Don't Cry magazine, some generous owners shared the contents for the rest of us who may not have been lucky enough to get our own issue.

One of the features within the magazine was a poem written by Kanye West. The poem, titled "The McDonald's Man" is an ode to some of the favorites from the franchise's famous menu. Earlier this week we heard Joey Bada$$ recite what he referred to as Kanye's "Shakespearean" poem, now we're met with what appears to be a response from the major fast food chain.

In a recent tweet, McDonald's said that they were "lovin' the love" that they were receiving for their world famous fries. Though they didn't directly reply to Kanye, their emphasis on having 100% real beef in their burgers is surely a response to Kanye's line about artificial meat.

Read their tweet below, and revist Kanye's poem here.

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