Kanye West has already shown his appreciation for Frank Ocean's latest album Blonde, tweeting earlier this week that he's had it on repeat. Now, Kanye is hoping that Blonde will get the exposure it deserves by urging radio stations to play songs from the album.

"If anyone at radio really loves music," Kanye tweeted earlier today, "Come together and pick your favorite Frank Ocean song and play it at least 10 times a day." Believing that radio stations worldwide need to "support amazing artists," he wants radio hosts to ask themselves why they "love music in the first place" and what they can do to "add to the story." 

Kanye's request is a very timely one, as Frank Ocean is now reportedly an independent artist. Getting radio play is a struggle common amongst independent artists, though this slowly improved over the years. Just last week, Chance The Rapper, an independent artist himself, urged his fans to request his songs to their local radio stations in an effort to "bring independent music and radio together." 

Take a look at Kanye's tweets below.


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