Earlier this month, James Vincent McMorrow told us how his time spent with OVO affiliates inspired him to let loose and explore new sounds on his upcoming album, We Move. We heard our first glimpses of this on the irresistibly groovy lead single, "Rising Water," as his falsetto vocals commanded attention over a throbbing bass line. Now, on "Get Low," he takes things further.

The delicate vocals and guitar strums in the song's opening minute recall much of what we heard on the Irish singer-songwriter's first two albums—but then something kind of crazy happens. Heavy subwoofer-rattling bass booms in from the background. Then, after settling into a head-nodding rhythm, a soaring guitar solo slides in over distorting grooves. Wow.

He wasn't joking about cutting loose. Produced by Ninenteen85, this is miles away from the meticulous arrangements of "Higher Love." Not only does it share a title with a Lil John song, it wouldn't be totally insane to put the two on the same playlist. Okay, maybe it would, but you get the point. Something special happened during his four months with Ninenteen85, Two Inch Punch, and Frank Dukes.

We can't wait to hear what the rest of this album sounds like. While the September 2 release date approaches, check out a stream of "Get Low" below.