Jabbar of Lousy Human Bastards first caught our attention in late 2014, and we've been keeping an eye on him ever since. The New Orleans rapper has improved leaps and bounds during that time, and his video for "Riches" is a testament to that. Directed by Morian Thomas and Ash Glascoe, the slick video for "Riches" features some stylish animation that accentuates the hypnotic nature of the track itself.

Taken from his forthcoming Bad Blood 2 project, "Riches" is one of the strongest displays of Jabbar's talent thus far. That's saying a lot, too, considering the strength of the music he's continued to put out both as part of Lousy Human Bastards and solo. LHB also recently launched a weekly singles project, during which they release a brand new song every week. The three releases to come from Lousy Week 1 can be listened to here.

Watch the premiere of the "Riches" video above.

Jabbar Riches video promo art.