One of the most interesting elements in The Eric Andre Show, which is a show full of bizarre and intriguing moments, is the musical guest portion at the end of each episode. Past performers have included the likes of Killer Mike, Action Bronson, HEALTH, Mac DeMarco, and Lil Jon among others. The interesting part about these performances, however, is that André typically gets them to perform in outlandish circumstances.

The latest musical guest on the show is Flying Lotus, who provides one of the downright strangest guest appearances on the show so far. Instead of performing a set, he simply uses two outdated looking laptops to check his emails. Of course, Eric and Hannibal instantly lose their shit while a fog machine goes off to the sounds of email alerts. Things progessively get more intense, as they frequently do on this wonderfully strange show.

Watch the clip above, and watch the full episode on Adult Swim tonight.