FFX is a boyfriend/girlfriend production duo (Gaja Pegen Nahtigal & Lucijan Kranjc) from Ljubljana, Slovenia but now working from Berlin. They released an EP through Star Slinger's Jet Jam label at the beginning of the year, and they're back with a new single called "Why Would I." It's an intriguing piece of electronic bedroom pop with half-sung, half-spoken lyrics and a quirky  Dan Adlešič-directed video to match the mood.

"'Would I Why' is about having a huge mess of emotions and a cluttered mind," Gaja explains, "whilst being too lazy to sort it out. Sometimes I’d rather put my problems in Lucijan's hands, leave them there and jump around free for a short time.  Dan Adlešič came in and we made a super silly video around the metaphors in the song."

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