St. Louis' Dylan Brady has continued to keep our interest following his debut last year, and his latest release is showcase of why exactly it's worth keeping an eye on him. With the self-produced Choker EP, Dylan is committed to expanding upon the darker sounds he explored on 2015's All I Ever Wanted. Featuring the previously shared "Go Away" and the fantastic "Coming Down," Choker is an excellent example of just how far he's come.

Besides "Marlboro Man," which features an appearance from the elusive French-British producer Poter ElvingerChoker is 100% Dylan Brady. There's not as many bombastic pop moments as there was on All I Ever Wanted, but Choker is about showing a little more restraint than its predecessor. As the next step in his evolution as an artist, Choker is an exciting preview of what's to come from Dylan in the future as well as an engaging release front to back.

Listen to the EP in full below.