With some of his tracks bordering on deafening, and others possessing an unorthodox beauty, Syringe isn’t interested in cohesion. He’s been making music since he was 12, but he only recently adopted the alias of Syringe in an attempt to fully flesh out his scattered vision. With his sixth release of the year, HELLHORSE, Syringe is offering his best moodboard of material yet.

Despite some of his deliberately off-putting aspects, like a release titled Shuv These Colors Up Your Anus, and the disorienting opening track on HELLHORSE, Syringe’s intent isn’t to make inaccessible music. Burying some of his catchier melodies beneath an intense cacophony of noise one moment, and laying them bare the next, Syringe pulls and pushes his vehement antagonism and hatred until the lines between sonic onslaught and beauty blur.