A while back, James Murphy of LCD SoundSystem fame proposed the idea of changing the sounds that the turnstiles make in NYC, to something a little more pleasing to the ear. However, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority told Gothamist last year, “We have heard from him, and as we’ve told him many times, we cannot do it.” They continued, “The tones are an ADA element for the visually impaired, and we won’t mess with them—much less take turnstiles out of service and risk disabling them for an art project.”

Even though the MTA themselves admitted “it would be a very cool project,” it pretty much seemed like Murphy was fighting a never-ending uphill battle with the project. Murphy’s Subway Symphony project may still see the light of day, however, thanks to a new underground park proposal in NYC called The Lowline. The park, which could very well be the world’s first underground park, will feature a version of Murphy’s fabled Subway Symphony project.

The Lowline Lab is currently putting together a concept of how the park will look, detailing exactly what it’ll include, with natural sunlight, and tropical plants featured. LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang introduces the park in a new video produced by Nowness, and it also offers a look at what the Subway Symphony project could sound like. It sounds pretty cool, by the way.

Watch the video above.