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Via Getty Images

By Erika Jarvis

For the tabloid audiences, Blake Fielder-Civil—lately, just Blake Fielder—is an infamous page six villain linked inextricably to his ex-wife, the late, legendary Amy Winehouse.

It was a romance so intense that she would reframe her answers in interviews to be about what “Blakey” liked or what “Blakey” thought. She had a pocket flap tattooed just above her heart that read “Blake’s,” while he had “A-M-Y” behind his right ear.

They appeared like soulmates, alternately haggard or infatuated in the blinding light of paparazzi cameras. The anguish that boiled at the heart of Back to Black, Amy’s star-making album, was about him. The fact he was an entirely undistinguished, albeit rakishly sexy, normal English lad made her passion for him even more intriguing.

When Amy first started to appear disheveled and scrawny in public, she was always nested under Blake’s long, protective arm. It didn’t help that, in 2008, Blake did an interview with News of the World admitting Amy tried heroin for the first time with him. He thought he was doing a noble thing, taking the blame off her; He thought he might save her career.

But when Amy died of alcohol poisoning in 2011—years after quitting heroin, Blake says—much of the blame was directed towards her ex-husband. Winehouse’s father, Mitch, remembered him in his memoir as “the biggest low-life scumbag that God ever put breath into.”