Screenshot via YouTube

Screenshot via YouTube

It’s a difficult time. We’ve seen artists react to the violence and tension in our country with anger, disappointment, despair, and hopefulness. Some reflect quietly, and others feel the need to speak out to anyone who will listen. Drake shared an open letter, Miguel released “How Many,” and Jay Z shared his feelings on the moving song “Spiritual,” explaining in an accompanying note: “I’m saddened and disappointed in THIS America.”

Last night in Glasgow, Scotland, Beyoncé held a moment of silence before performing an a cappella version of “Freedom” in front of a screen showing the names of victims killed by police. She also shared a message on her website addressing police brutality. “We are sick and tired of the killings of young men and women in our communities,” the letter starts. “We’re going to stand up as a community and fight against anyone who believes that murder or any violent action by those who are sworn to protect us should consistently go unpunished.”

See footage from Beyoncé’s performance below.

FULL VIDEO: Beyoncé performs #Freedom acapella in honor of victims of police brutality ✊

— BEYONCÉ LEGION (@Bey_Legion) July 7, 2016

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