Turls popped up on with “My Plug,” a showcase of the Atlanta rapper’s hypnotic hook writing ability and mesmerizing monotone atop a perfectly suited, bubbling beat from SenseiATL (a young Atlanta producer who still feels underutilized in one of hip-hop’s most vibrant underground scenes).

Almost a year and a half later, Turls returns with impressive, self-produced EP Young T, a project that feels of a piece with Atlanta’s openness towards new sounds and simultaneously separate from other strains of hip-hop running through the city.

“I mean in Atlanta right now, everyone’s making the same shit,” says Turls via email. “Trap beats, hella ad-libs, and all that other shit. I like that but that’s just not me. I’m an artist and I can’t sit be a trendy nigga like everyone else I gotta just be me…Beach House, James Blake, and Wiz Khalifa molded me into the artist I am and I wanted to make something showcasing my production skills as well as my rapping and singing.”

Standout trio “Selfish,” “East Side Stevie” (which features Two-9’s Curtis Williams, Rellajamu, and NEVABITCH), and “Sins,” update the characteristics that made “My Plug” so appealing. Turls’ hook-writing ability and casual, clever contempt make for entertaining listening, particularly paired with the otherworldly, aggressively synthetic sound selection in his beats.

“I think [Atlanta’s] unified as far as the underground goes, everyone fucks with everyone if you’re dope,” says Turls, whose beats feel more of a piece with Young L or AraabMuzik at his sparsest than any producer currently gaining notoriety in hip-hop’s southern mecca. “And I feel like I’m the one who’s bringing a different sound but it bangs and it rides so people will enjoy and accept it in my mind.”

Turls’ inspiration stems from a simple, admirable sentiment: “I want in life is to be a successful black man and show my young ones—even tho I’m 20—that they can be whatever the fuck they want to and to always believe in themselves no matter what anyone says. Clichè but it’s the truth.”