Parisian duo Her (Victor Solf and Simon Carpentier), who released their debut EP at the beginning of the year, are one of our favorite new bands. After dropping a video and featuring in an Apple commercial earlier this month, their next move is a collaboration with Yuksek.

The French producer delivers lively, disco-leaning production, and although the lyrics are as sensual as ever, it’s fun hearing Her over a brighter backdrop usual. Yuksek explains how it all came together:

“I knew Victor because he sang backing vocals on a song we did with Juveniles few years ago. Recently Her released a five-song EP that really caught my attention, some minimal soul, old school and really modern at the same time, so good that I wanted to try something with them. We sat in a studio, started a song and I played them ‘Sweet Addiction.’ Back home, each of them worked on it separately and the magic happened, it was like a puzzle to put back together, but the song was done. Funny thing about this song is that I started it first on my bed, morning time, and finished it last year in holidays, facing the sea. Makes sense.”

“Sweet Addiction” comes from Yuksek’s EP of the same name, out tomorrow, June 17.

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