Fresh from shutting down Glastonbury festival in the U.K. over the weekend, Skepta is back with new music. “Coming Soon,” which features iLoveMakkonen and Céon, must have been recorded in the past couple of days since it references that Glastonbury performance, and it’s the second time we’ve heard Skepta since he dropped his album Konnichiwa in May.

His collaboration with Atlanta’s Key! on “See No Evil” earlier this month was raw and aggressive, but “Coming Soon” shows a totally different side of Skepta’s sound. The song’s cover art shows that Skepta produced the beat too, and it’s a sparkling, melody filled extravaganza, a far cry from a menacing grime beat.

Of course, Konnichiwa tracks like “Ladies Hit Squad” and “Numbers” showed that Skepta isn’t afraid to experiment with different sounds, but in case you needed a reminder, check out “Coming Soon.”