Image via Tumblr / Photo by Hannah Marshall

Image via Tumblr / Photo by Hannah Marshall

Jehnny Beth, the lead singer of Savages, has been been hosting her own Beats 1 Radio show called Start Making Sense, and her most recent guest was her longtime friend, Romy xx of The xx.

During their conversation, the two discuss the music that inspire them, what it was like for Romy at the beginning of The xx’s fame, how Romy overcame her shyness, as well as their mutual love for Beyonce.

According to Romy, she and Oliver Sim was wary of being too explicit with their lyrics in fear of their family and friends realizing who or what their songs were about. So, they purposely wrote ambiguous songs to avoid unintentionally insulting their loved ones.

Romy also revealed that it apparently took “thousands of gigs” before the band felt comfortable enough to embrace being on stage and to develop a more animated stage presence.

Start Making Sense airs weekly on Tuesdays at 10pm EST. Listen to snippets from Jehnny and Romy’s discussion below.