Artwork by Hatecopy

Artwork by Hatecopy

Anik Khan perseveres, overcoming slim odds of success in a crowded, discriminatory climate to make major strides in 2016. His previous release, “Too Late Now,” is approaching 400k plays on Spotify.

Today “Renegade” premieres in the wake of an Ebro cosign on last night’s Beats 1 segment. The Bengali-born immigrant pens a chilling homage to stateside race relations that’s wrapped within a family-friendly dance rhythm. Offering an inclusive invitation to twist and shake in the face of opposition, Khan wears his culture on his sleeve without excluding would-be outsiders.

Indeed, the record is an international affair. Rvdical The Kid, hailing from Benin, stays true to his roots, injecting West African influence into the eclectic production. Hatecopy, a Pakistani who calls Canada home, handles artwork duties.

Khan is a curious case. Each step forward equates to the percolation of novel sounds, textures, and language in the rap landscape. He has a different story to tell, and we’re still tuning in.

“I just wanted people to feel good and feel like they have a voice,” Khan explains to P&P over the phone. “Musically I’m mixing parts of the world I was raised around which also (subconsciously) is bringing two narratives closer: black and brown.”

Stream “Renegade” below, and read our Daily Discovery feature on the rising artist while you’re at it. You can preorder Khan’s latest on iTunes today. Stay tuned for what’s bound to be an exciting summer for the No Ceilings alum.